In order to keep our guests and staff safe we have implemented the following work safe procedures regarding Covid-19. Physical barriers, social distancing, and frequent sanitizing have been added.

Please see below our worksafe procedures that as signed by each employee.

Safe Work PracticeSasquatch Inn Ltd.
Front of House

Physical Distancing
• Customers may not congregate in groups larger than 6
• Customers must wait to be seated to ensure physical distancing
• Customers must physical distance outside along the veranda while waiting to be seated.
• To ensure proper physical distancing between patrons, tables must be placed 2 meters (6 feet) apart and must be configured so that no more than 6 customers can congregate together.
• Tables may be placed closer together only in cases where tables are separated by tall partitions or significant barriers.
• In fixed seating areas (such as a counter or bar), individual customers or group of customers must be seated 2 meters apart and in groups of not more than 6.
• Eliminate all hand-to-hand contact with guests (handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, high-fives, etc.)
No exceptions.
• Avoid situations where staff have less than 1 m or 3ft between them and guest (particularly face-to-face connections should be distant)
• Maintain respectful distances from coworkers and avoid additional points of physical contact between team members
• Table should have reduced contact as much as possible. For example:
-Drinks served in bottles should be poured for initial pour only; bottles left on table and subsequent pours by guests, including water when possible.
-consider removing a seat from each table to ensure service staff have one unobstructed access point to serve at maximum distance from customers

• Menus will be sanitized after each use. Fetch menus from the determined clean location, deposit used menus to an alternate assigned location to be cleaned before re-use.
• Encourage tap or mobile payment methods.
• Signage will be posted indicating that customers exhibiting visible cold/flu/COVID symptoms may be denied entry and service.
Take-out Protocol
• All take-out orders must be placed via phone.
• Staff will contact customer by phone when order is ready.
• No customer shall wait inside premise while order is being prepared or to place order
• Completed orders will be placed on table by fire doors
• Once order is ready, customer can walk directly to bar to pay, then must immediately exit.

Cleaning and Hygiene
• Sanitizer will be available to customers and staff.
• Sanitizer station will be located at Al’s post (for both customer and staff) and pass through window.
• Hand soap and paper towel will be located at glass washer sink and bartender sink.
• POS terminals to be sanitized after each use
• Increased cleaning between seatings must be visible. Tables, menus, vinyl/metal seats should be wiped when tables turn.
• Salt & pepper shakers, ketchup will be removed while cleaning table
• Salt & pepper shakers, ketchup, and any other condiment containers will be cleaned after every table turnover.
• All cutlery will be delivered as needed. Do not place a pile of napkins on table – as they will have to be discarded when guest leaves.
• To reduce contact points, bring guests items like condiments only upon request. We are limiting self-serve dispensing as much as possible.
• Do not touch water glasses or coffee cups when refilling.
• Times to consider requiring handwashing:

  • Before handling and running food and drink
  • After bussing a table
  • Before pouring beer
  • After handling cash or cards
  • Between interacting with different parties/tables.

• All staff must hand wash every 30 minutes
• Bathrooms will be cleaned every 30 minutes. This will include taps, toilet flush handle, counters, door handles. Gloves must be worn when cleaning and sanitizing wipes must be used. Hands must be washed after removal of gloves. A cleaning log will be posted and must be signed. Washrooms have a maximum of two people at any time. Bathrooms will be for dine-in customers only.
• All frequent touch points will be cleaned every 30 minutes. Front and rear doors, door to back room, POS –both debit and tills, pull tab machine, self-serve lottery and bartender lottery, ATM machine, phones, taps at glasswasher and behind bar, pop and juice guns, beer tap handles. Gloves must be worn when cleaning and sanitizing wipes must be used. A cleaning log will be posted and must be signed.

• Staff will be provided with personal bins in which to keep their belongings in communal areas.
• Breaks: Only one person may be out back for break/smoke break at a time. Social distancing must be enforced whenever possible.

Physical Distancing

• Kitchen team will work together to establish separations between workspaces where possible. Be aware of physical distance in kitchen settings.
• Number of staff in the food prep area will be limited at any one time. This also means that pub staff cannot, under any circumstances remain in any part of the prep area other than to unload dirty dishes from guests. No exceptions.
• We are assembling a schedule to ensure that staff in the prep area remains limited.
• Staging area for all food deliveries will be located inside the cooler. This includes dry goods, and pub supplies, and store supplies. There is not enough space to allow for social distancing for a delivery agent within the kitchen area.
Cleaning and Hygiene
• Remove shared items where cross-contamination is possible (shared kitchen implements, etc)
• If possible, do not share knives, utensils, or service tools.
• High touch areas such as freezer doors, oven handles knobs, deep fry handles, door knobs, phone and pass through area must be sanitized every 30 mins and in between users when possible. A log will be posted and must be signed. Gloves are to be worn and sanitizing wipes are to be used. Hands must be washed after removal of gloves.
• Staff bathroom will be cleaned every 30 minutes. This will include taps, toilet flush handle, counters, door handles. Gloves must be worn when cleaning, and sanitizing wipes must be used. Hands must be washed after removal of gloves. A cleaning log will be posted and must be signed.
Training and Orientation
• All staff are required to perform personal health checks prior to the start of shift. Preferably from home. See attached Self-assessment sheet. This is also available online at
• Staff temperature will be taken before start of each shift. Date, time, and temp will be recorded on a log sheet.
• PPE (masks and gloves) are not required but are readily available and provided by The Sasquatch Inn. Masks must cover the mouth and nose. The use of gloves must be accompanied by frequent and correct change-out, as well as handwashing.
• Sick Leave: if you are not feeling well and especially if you are publicly exhibiting flu like symptoms, you must stay home. You must contact a doctor and ensure you are tested immediately for Covid-19. All absences must be explained with a doctor’s note stating return date. A log will to be kept (as it was in the past) recording all sick days and reasons for illness.

By adhering to these standards we will be decreasing the chance of staff or customers becoming ill. Together we can all stop the spread of Covid-19. We know everyone on our team will help us to enforce these regulations in order to prevent a Covid closure.